Cutting-edge bolus technology

We’ve partnered with Rumbol Products Ltd to reintroduce cutting-edge cattle bolus manufacturing and technology in the marketplace with the EnduraBol® range.

Over 40 years’ experience in UK animal nutrition and bolus manufacturing expertise has gone into producing EnduraBol®, which is manufactured using original, patented technology.

Single point of erosion

EnduraBol® is a single-construction bolus that releases micronutrients with a single point of erosion from a constant surface area.

A candle burns from the top to the bottom, but no matter how long or short a candle is, the burning area is always the same circumference. works in a similar way to  deliver a consistent and sustained daily supply of six trace elements and three vitamins, for up to eight months.

Manufacturing process

The EnduraBol® manufacturing process in Rumbol’s factory includes a cold pressure treatment. This maintains vitamin stability while the bolus is formed into a robust construction.

During manufacture the bolus is dipped in a crystic resin, dried and dipped again for an impenetrable twin-coated finish. It is also dipped in wax at the top to ensure it is sealed to avoid oxidisation, so that it can be fully optimised when entering the rumen.

As the bolus starts to erode in the reticulum, the top of the resin coating chips away in small amounts. This is vital to ensure a sustained release of trace elements and vitamins during the bolus lifecycle.

Beneath the resin coating, the micronutrients are held in a matrix structure, allowing a slow and consistent release. An inert, dissolvable end-weight ensures the bolus remains in place until all nutrients are absorbed.

When the bottom of the bolus is finally reached, the end-weight is exposed, which dissolves leaving no residue.

Watch this video to learn more about the EnduraBol® manufacturing process and what happens when boluses are administered.