Our History

Back in 1988 our manufacturing partner, Rumbol Products, was established by Dr Norman Ritchie, a scholar and lecturer in agricultural nutrition at the University of Glasgow, who produced the world's first patented sustained release bolus. Then in 1993, Rumbol became the silent bolus manufacturing partner for a global distributor. Fast forward to 2019, the Rumbol factory suffered a catastrophic fire, destroying the manufacturing facility and ending the partnership with the global distributor. Moving on to July 2020, a deal was agreed with the Denis Brinicombe Group to lead the global joint venture with Rumbol to produce boluses in a newly-built factory in Clydebank, Scotland. Two months later, in September 2020, the first boluses, using the same patented technology, but under the new brand - EnduraBol® - became available to purchase from trade merchants and vet practices via the Denis Brinicombe Group's trade arm, B2B Nutrition.

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    Rumbol Products first established

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    Rumbol became a silent partner for a global distributor

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    Rumbol factory fire ended partnership with distributor

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    Rumbol and the Denis Brinicombe Group agreed on a joint-venture

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    EnduraBol boluses hit the shelves

Mission Statement

To support the health, welfare and productivity of livestock, with an overall aim of increasing profitability for farmers across the globe.

Meet our Team:

Keith Greig <i>Managing Director</i>

Keith Greig Managing Director

James Brinicombe <i>CEO & Technical Director</i>

James Brinicombe CEO & Technical Director

Tim McMullan <i>Business Manager (Ireland)</i>

Tim McMullan Business Manager (Ireland)

Janet Preece <i>Compliance Manager</i>

Janet Preece Compliance Manager

Tom Butler <i>Group Technical Manager</i>

Tom Butler Group Technical Manager

Bryony Hosegood <i>Research & Development Technician</i>

Bryony Hosegood Research & Development Technician

Tracy J Hosegood <i>Business Support Director</i>

Tracy J Hosegood Business Support Director

Neil Ashwell <i>Head of Agriculture</i>

Neil Ashwell Head of Agriculture

Devon Hosegood <i>Operations Manager</i>

Devon Hosegood Operations Manager

Meet the Manufacturer:

Stephen Fox <I>Operations Manager</i>

Stephen Fox Operations Manager

Isobel Barclay <I>Quality Manager</i>

Isobel Barclay Quality Manager

Caitlin Gall <I>Office Manager</i>

Caitlin Gall Office Manager