Why EnduraBol®?

The boluses are formed in a single construction with single point erosion, meaning they break down to provide a consistent 120 – 240 day supply of six trace elements and three vitamins.

EnduraBol® is suitable for all cattle over 150kg live weight.

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Benefits of EnduraBol®

Optimise Cattle Health

Preventing nutritional deficiencies can greatly assist in enhancing cattle health

Boost Growth Rates

To optimise growth, youngstock require the correct balance of trace elements and vitamins

Improve Fertility

The correct nutrition is key to reducing the metabolic stress associated with calving

Peace of Mind

You won't need to worry about your cattle receiving the right levels of micronutrients throughout the lifespan of the boluses

Simple and Easy to Use

Our boluses are the perfect fit for any production system thanks to their 4-8 month active life

Zero Waste

There is no residue left in the reticulum, as the boluses completely erode

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