Bolus application FAQs

Q. How do I administer EnduraBol boluses?

A. Using a high-quality specific bolus applicator, EnduraBol boluses can be administered quickly and efficiently using the following steps:

1. Load the applicator:

  • Insert the flat end of the boluses (x 2 per animal) into the chamber
  • Ensure both the boluses are securely held in the chamber of the applicator

2. Insert the applicator:

  • Ideally, cattle should be restrained in a crush with a head scoop to facilitate the application
  • Ensure the cow’s head and neck are extended in as straight a line as possible
  • Place the bolus end of the applicator into the centre of the cow’s mouth, and work gently over the back of the tongue and down into the oesophagus, until the handle reaches the cow’s nose
  • Avoid severe pressure on the tongue or using force damaging teeth or any soft tissue

3. Release the boluses:

  • Gently squeeze the trigger, releasing the boluses over the back of the tongue
  • Once the boluses have been ejected, keep the cow’s head up until they have swallowed, the animal should easily be able to swallow the boluses
  • Avoid using force that can cause damage to soft tissue
  • Carefully remove the applicator, maintaining its central position in the mouth

For a visual guide please watch this video on how to bolus a cow:

Q. Can I use a bolus if it is dropped or damaged?

A. We would not recommend it. This is because the unique structure that provides the consistent daily release may be compromised, meaning the cow will not receive appropriate supplementation.

Q. How far should I put the applicator into the cow’s mouth/throat?

A. Place the applicator over the back of the tongue and gently work it down into the oesophagus, until the handle reaches the cow’s nose before releasing the boluses.

Q. When can I remove the applicator from the cow’s mouth?

A. After pulling the trigger, making sure it is pushed down as far as it can go, allow some time for the bolus to start travelling down the oesophagus, as removing it too quickly could pull the boluses back up the throat.

Q. How long do I need to hold the cow’s head up for, once the boluses have been released?

A. We recommend holding the head up until the animal swallows, which should be a natural reaction after the boluses are deposited.

Q. Can I give both boluses in the same application?

A. Yes. Two boluses should be loaded into the applicator and given at the same time.

Q. How soon can I give another bolus, for example, a magnesium bolus at turnout?

A. Depending on the recommended active life of the bolus originally administered, if it’s still ‘active’ within the animal, speak to an advisor who will be able to advise where it’s ok or not and if it’s past the ‘active’ life phase you can administer new boluses.

Q. Sometimes I find the applicator doesn’t release the bolus, am I doing something wrong?

A. You need to ensure that the trigger of the gun is pushed down as far as it can go, sometimes this may require a little extra press. This will ensure the bolus is fully pushed out of the gun and does not remain in the chamber.

If you have any further queries, please contact us.